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Marksburg Schnke Medieval banquet Food and drink The beverages lump-sum

All drinks during the medieval dinner.
So you have all the costs under control and know in advance how much the bill will be.

We offer the following drinks:
beer, alcohol free beer, 4 sorts of wine, apple, grape&orange juice, sparkling & still water.
Also offered are soft-drinks and coffee but not in the Gothic kitchen!
Schnapps is not included in the lump-sum however there is mostly 1 Schnapps contained in the menu.

If not otherwise agreed we will cash up directly all drinks who are not covered by the lump-sum. These you can also agree otherwise with us.

The beverages lump-sum is limited in the time of 3 hours

per person 21,- €

extend 1 hour per person 7,- €

In our download area you will find the PDF with all informations to the The original knight's banquet.

Many Thanks!
Your team of Marksburg Schänke

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Opening hours

The castle Pub & Restaurant is open daily:
Summer season: 10am-6pm
(from around Easter until All Saints´ Day in November)
Winter season: 11am-5pm
(after All Saints´ Day until just before Easter)

Groups of 15 or more persons can be accommodated during or outside the specified times.

For castle tours please contact the Marksburg Castle ticket office at Fon: +49 (0) 26 27 / 2 06.